Why Eco Home Solution Services?

Whether you require one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, Daisy will create a plan that is tailored to your needs based on your space, priorities and schedule. Daisy is available for special cleaning requests, such as move-in cleaning, home organization and more.

Daisy only use Eco-friendly and non-toxic products when providing services to her clients. These products have never been tested on animals and are safe for you, your children, and your pets.

Daisy provides a more detailed level of service than most other cleaning services. She is knowledgeable, trained and skilled to provide all levels of services for her client’s needs.

She believes in a green lifestyle and is committed to providing the utmost in professional green services. All cleaning products are certified non-toxic and Eco-friendly. Eco Home Solution Services offers a detailed and customized package for your individual needs.


  • One-time
  • Routine (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Organization
  • Customized
  • Move In/Out
  • Before/After Parties & Special Occasions
  • Laundry Care
  • Personal Shopping

Aromatherapy & Relaxation

While at your home, Daisy will diffuse tangerine, sandalwood, or lavender essential oils, depending on your preference to refresh the atmosphere.  Organic chocolate is left on the bedside as an invitation to relax.

Expectations of Services

Whats included & offered with each service package

one time, routine, customized, move in/out, organization, laundry care, before & after party & personal shopping

Type of Spaces

  • apartment
  • condo
  • duplex
  • house

One Time, Routine & Customized

Rates start at $75 + tax

Detailed Cleaning –

  • sanitize counter tops
  • sanitize sinks
  • load dishwasher
  • wipe down appliances
  • inside microwave
  • polish furniture
  • empty trash & replace liner
  • clean light switches
  • vacuum floors
  • mop floors ( regular mop or steam mop)
  • toilets
  • bathtub & showers
  • mirrors
  • change linens
  • make beds

Dusting –

  • walls & ceiling
  • crown molding
  • vents
  • fans
  • door frames
  • doors
  • wall decor & pictures
  • light fixtures
  • furniture
  • windowsills

aroma therapy, organic chocolate & tea sachet left on bedside

Additional Services

  • $25 + tax – blinds
  • $30 + tax – baseboards
  • $30 + tax – stove & oven in/outside
  • $15 + tax – inside closets & other misc. nooks
  • $30 + tax – inside cabinets
  • $25 + tax – behind large appliances if easy to move
  • $5 + tax per load – wash, dry & fold – laundry care
  • $15 + tax  – per visit – personal shopping


Depending on the size of your space please allow –

  • at least 8 hours for a one time clean & move in/out
  • Routine cleaning allow at least 4 hours

Eco Supplies

All cleaning materials are supplied by Daisy.

including –

  • scrub brushes
  • new toilet brush
  • Eco-friendly cleaners
  • towels
  • vacuum
  • mops (regular & steam)
  • aroma therapy diffuser

Move In & Move Out

Rates start at $150 + tax

detailed cleaning plus

  • blinds
  • baseboards
  • stove & oven in/outside
  • inside closets & other misc. nooks
  • inside cabinets
  • behind large appliances if easy to move


$25 + tax per hour – organizing one space at a time

  • Daisy will go over your needs for each space
  • create a plan to help keep your space organized
  • supplies may be required; such as shelving &/or storage containers
  • no cleaning involved

Laundry Care

  • household laundry
  • $8 + tax drop off/pick up dry cleaning only
  • $5 + tax drop off/pick up dry cleaning & other services
  • $5 + tax per load – wash, dry & fold
  • $1 each load – optional Eco laundry soap by Biokleen or Zum Clean.
  • $1 each load – optional Eco bleach Seventh Generation or Biokleen.
  • $1 each load – optional Seventh Generation fabric softener

Before & After Party

Starts at $20 + tax

  • organizing – preparing for the occasion
  • cleaning – before & after
  • personal shopping – last minute items (wine, flowers, groceries, etc. )

Personal Shopping

Starts at $15 + tax

From last minute shopping and beyond

– a 1 hour notice is required for last minute shopping

  • groceries
  • personal items
  • optional online shopping

Daisy also offers gift options for anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions.

Do you live out of town yet have a friend or family member that you want to buy a special gift for? Daisy will purchase the gift from any store in town you request, gift wrap the present and deliver it at the requested time.

You have a few options on how you can pay for your items. If you already know what you need from the store you desire, you can call them and pay over the phone or online if that is an option.

You can also pay for Daisy’s services and the items you need by phone or online with a credit or debt card.


  • All cleaning services is booked for a minimum of 4 hours and 8 hours max per visit.
  • Organization is booked for a minimum of 2 hours and 8 hours max per visit.
  • Personal shopping is booked for a minimum of 1 hour and 4 hours max per visit.
  • Daisy offers a complimentary consultation to ensure accuracy and duration of your appointment.
  • Quotes are not given over the phone; only in person at the consultation.


  • 72 hour cancellation notice is needed or a $50 cancellation fee is due.
  • checks are only accepted by routine clients
  • all pets must be secured while Daisy is cleaning to prevent accidents
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